Monday, October 2, 2023

Instruction for Authors

  • The journal regularly comes out twice a year and once a year there is a special issue on a particular topic.
  • The journal publishes only reviewed and specialized papers: original research papers, accompanying research papers and professional papers and book displays.
  • If the journal accepts the paper the authors are not allowed to publish it in other journals.
  • Papers must not have more than one co-author.
  • The manuscript should be submitted in electronic form to facilitate the printing of the journal
  • The pages and appendices should be numbered.
  • Papers should be written in Albanian,  English or in Macedonian, where the English paper should have a title, abstract and keywords in Albanian, Macedonian and vice vers. The paper which are not to be printed are returned to the authors with an explanation.


  • The paper should include: title, author, institution, abstract, keywords, introduction, main part, conclusion and reference. The full paper should not exceed 5000 words.
  • Title of the paper – 12 points, Times New Roman, centered, first in Albanian, Macedonian (Cyrillic support), and then in English. Title of the paper should be short, but give a true reflection of the content and preferably contain as many keywords from the subject matter covered as possible.One blank line.
  • Authors name and surname, lower case (Bold), 11 points, Times New Roman (Cyrillic support), centered.Two empty rows.
  • Institution – cursive (Italic), 11 points, Times New Roman (Cyrillic support), centered.Two empty rows.
  • Abstract – 11 points, Times New Roman (Cyrillic support), single-spaced. The content of the abstract should be an essential and independent entity.One blank line.
  • Keywords – maximum 5 words, 11 points, Times New Roman, single spaced (Cyrillic support) and English
  • Introduction – 11 points, Times New Roman (Cyrillic support), single-spaced. One blank line.
  • Main Part -11 points, Times New Roman (Cyrillic support), single-spaced.One blank line.
  • Conclusion – 11 points, Times New Roman (Cyrillic support), single-spaced.
  • The conclusion should be a brief summary of the paper, and to include research results that occurred.One blank line.
  • Reference – 11 points, Times New Roman, cited according to the Harvard style of citation. The cited reference should be given in a separate chapter in the order in which they appear as footnotes in the text. Cite only the bibliographical data used in the text. Cite all types of sources of information – books, specialized magazines, websites, computer software, printed or e-mail correspondence, and even verbal conversation.
  • Papers that use tables, pictures, drawings, photographs, illustrations, graphs and schemes, should be numbered with Arabic numerals, and the title of the picture should be written underneath . Each image or group of images should be planned in a well structured manner. The images should be sent as separate JPG file with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Colour images are printed as black and white.

Registration fee: € 120 (7.400 MKD), as a sponsorship for the publication of the text.
Account information: Intellectual Association “DEMOCRATIC CLUB” – Skopje
Account Number: 300000000059497, Commercial Bank A.D. Skopje


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